COMODO - Advanced Endpoint Protection (POS)

COMODO - Advance Endpoint Protection (AEP) combines the best in endpoint security with comprehensive device control and endpoint management.


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Product features & benefits

Malware Prevention

  • Automatic Unknown File Containment – Prevents infection by unknown files
  • Antivirus – Reduces number of unknown files that need to be processed
  • Personal Firewall – Prevents breaches and port-based exploits
  • Web Filtering – Keeps undesirable websites from your users
  • File Lookup Service – Shortens the file verdict process
  • Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) – Blocks malicious behaviors
  • Behavioral Analysis (VirusScope) – Speeds up unknown file analysis
  • Valkyrie – Cloud-based static, dynamic and human expert file analysis

Device and Policy Management

  • Application Visibility and Control – Know and control what is running on your endpoints
  • Mobile Device Management – Control the features your mobile workforce has access to
  • Automatic Discovery and Inventory Management – Provides easy on-boarding of devices
  • Support for BYOD – Separate out personal from business, all in one device
  • Granular Control over Security Profiles and OS Patching – Keep endpoints safe and up-to-date
  • External Device Control – Remove the thumb drive infection vector
  • Cloud-based Administration – Administration from anywhere, anytime
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