Qualys Express Lite for Small Businesses

Qualys Express Lite is a cloud--‐based suite of security and compliance solutions for the typical small business with limited budget and staff. It lets you monitor security right from your browser. It applies continuous monitoring to your Internet perimeter servers, websites and web apps (which hackers often target first) to ensure that security controls are up--‐to--‐date and properly configured. It even lets you extend the same protection to your internal computers to make your business safer – inside and out..


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Product features & benefits

Provides an all in-on-one security and compliance cloud solution for small businesses (up to 255 Employees)

  • Minimize infrastructure overhead - No software installation, rollout and maintenance.
  • Easy to use - Automated scans initiated via a simple Web browsers.
  • Comprehensive - Most comprehensive knowledgebase in the industry detects thousands of unique security vulnerabilities and compliance checks.
  • Secure - trusted, 3rd party security audits with end-to-end encryption.

Since time is of the essence when Internet hackers are circling your network, Qualys Express Lite helps you discover security holes fast and fix them before you get attacked. It also makes it easier to comply with rules such as PCI and HIPAA that require you to periodically audit your network and fix any critical security vulnerabilities that you find.


Monitor Your Internet Perimeter — Servers & Web Apps

With Qualys, you can check right from your browser whether your Internet-facing servers, websites and web apps are up-to-date and securely configured against Internet attackers. Step-by-step instructions guide you through scanning, generating reports and improving your security.


Scan Your Internal Network

Monitor your internal servers, computers and web apps to see if they are up to date and properly configured against attacks. Qualys manages security and compliance for your internal and perimeter systems together in a single interactive web console.


Check Your Website & Apps for OWASP Top 10 Risks and Malware

With Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS), you can quickly search your web forms and apps for vulnerabilities (including hackers' favorites, such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)) and learn how to fix them. WAS also helps you protect visitors to your website — and your own reputation — by uncovering malware that hackers sneak into your website (e.g., in blogs or comment pages).


Stay on Top of the Latest Security Patches

Qualys goes beyond listing which devices are at risk of being attacked — it also tells you which patches you need to fix the problems and helps you download them.


Know if You're PCI Compliant — Before Your Audit

With Qualys, you can check whether your systems are PCI compliant at any time, allowing you to address issues early and submit quarterly PCI results once you know you've already passed.


If you don’t need all the functions of Qualys Express Lite, you may also purchase standalone cloud--‐based Qualys solutions.

Options include:


  • VM - Vulnerability Management; Simple, accurate, easy-to-use solution for vulnerability management.
  • CM – Continuous Monitoring; Continously Monitor the perimeter and get alerted on security loopholes (e.g., expired certs, open ports, etc).
  • ThreatPROTECT - Visualize and prioritize security threats with integrated real-time threat intelligence correlated with VM scan results.
  • CAP - Cloud Agents Platform; Provides real-time assesments (VM and PC) across millions of IT assets on-premise, elastic environments or endpoints.
  • PCI – PCI Compliance; Automated PCI compliance validation for merchants and acquiring institutions.
  • WAS – Web App Scanning; Automated custom web application scanning for SQL injection and XSS vulnerabilities.
  • WAF – Web App Firewall; Detect and mitigate web application vulnerabilities in real-time through virtual patching.
  • MD – Malware Detection


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