We will make sure you have a solid Breach Response Plan and a solid Incident Response Plan in place. We will also conduct a technical vulnerability assessment in order to identify and close the holes in your network that attackers could use to penetrate your network.

Three Key Services at Once


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Objective: In an efficient manner, deliver to Cybershield Global’s (CSG’s) members three of the most important services to ensure continuing privacy and security of customer data. The intent is to help the member eliminate privacy and security risk.  

Scope: This engagement will include the existing processes and procedures related to Breach Response Planning, as well as Incident Response processes, whether they are documented or not, for each CyberShield Global member. It will also include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Only information shared through meeting with personnel from the member organization will be included in this review, but that information will cover the processes, the technology, and the organizational controls at the member organization.

Approach: CyberScout will arrange a meeting, either in person or via WebEx, with key personnel from the member organization to review the Breach Response Plan and the Incident Response Plan. We will then deliver a detailed agenda to the member, including details about what information we will be asking for. During the discussion, CyberScout will lead a facilitated session that will review:

  • Documentation for both plans
  • Automated recovery capabilities
  • Responses to a number of different scenarios that CyberScout will present to the group
  • Past performance of both plans
  • What components would be included in a "best practices" plan for Breach Response and security incident response, along with an identification of which elements are missing from client's  

Fees: For most small members, this set of services can be delivered for $2,500. If onsite travel is required, the client would cover reasonable travel costs.


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