Unlimited IT Support - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device




Service features & benefits

If you're not a Premium plan member, upgrade today and start taking advantage of Unlimited IT Support by HP. 

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Scope of Services included: 

  • Assistance with general performance issues 
  • Detect and remove viruses, spyware and malware 
  • Troubleshoot/ resolve problems such as error messages, persistent pop-ups, system application crashes 
  • PC troubleshooting (browser support, system conflicts, security support, drivers) 
  • Diagnose and resolve operating systems issues 
  • Address computer boot up problems 
  • Troubleshoot and solve SW problems 
  • Assistance with using/ customizing OS features 
  • Installation and setup of SW applications 
  • Help with basic usage of common SW packages 
  • Assistance with network set-up/ configuration 
  • Secure wireless network 
  • Voice based assistance to set up, configure, and troubleshoot connectivity with standard mobile and peripheral devices 
  • Configure data back-up with a local storage device 
  • Sync mobile devices with PC application 
  • Help with uploading photos to internet-based services 
  • Assistance with downloading licensed media from the Internet 
  • Troubleshoot sync software issues 
  • Sync contact, e-mails, and calendar with computer, laptop or tablet 
  • Setup connection to existing WIFI network 
  • Set up Bluetooth headset connection 


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