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Experian Data Breach Response Guide

Over the past year, the risk to companies caused by major data breaches or other security incidents has shot up to the top of the list of concerns for executives and boards of directors.

By Experian , November 11, 2016


Ten Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Broadband and information technology are powerful tools for small businesses to reach new markets and increase sales and productivity. However, cybersecurity threats are real and businesses must implement the best tools and tactics to protect themselves, their customers, and their data.

By FCC, November 11, 2016


The Evolving Cyber Risks to Small Businesses and Their Data

Organizations of all sizes face cyber risks, but an attack on a small business can take a more significant toll than on a larger organization. While any entity that collects sensitive data—including personal and payment card information—can be breached, small businesses tend to be particularly vulnerable due to a combination of factors.

By Advisen, November 11, 2016


The Reign of Ransomware

By the end of 2015, we predicted that 2016 would be the Year of Online Extortion.1 This particular forecast was influenced by the proliferation of stolen data from data breach incidents used for online extortion, and an increasing number of similar online threats.

By TREND micro, November 11, 2016


Combatting Today's Cyber Threats

5-Point Battle Plan to Fight Cyber Attacks. Organizations with 500 employees or less are prime targets for cyber crime. The organizations have business data that the attackers want, including intellectual property, customer records and authentication credentials. What’s more, most of those organizations lack the resources to combat attacks. If you have a small- to medium-sized organization, this ebook can help you protect your data. Learn about: •Why your organization is a target today •The nature of attacks and what they will cost you •Five recommendations to improve your security posture

By FireEye, January 9, 2017


The Next Tier

Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2017

By Trend Micro, January 9, 2017


A Guide to Creating A Hack-proof Password

Create a complex, hack-proof password with this easy to follow guide brought to you by KnowBe4.

By KnowBe4, March 16, 2017


How Prepared Are You to Respond?

In spite of the best efforts of the cyber security industry breaches still happen. Given that reality, it’s not enough for organizations to try to protect their networks from a breach; they must also have an effective response plan in place for when a breach occurs.

By Mandiant, a FireEye Company, May 10, 2017


Threat Defense Isn't Just About Detection: It's How You Respond

A white paper about endpoint detection and response from our partners at Intel!

By Intel, August 21, 2017


Phishing Mitigation Strategies for Small- to Medium-Sized Organizations

The National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) has provided the attached whitepaper to provide guidance for small- to medium-sized organizations on how to mitigate phishing. The paper discusses how to identify phishing emails, the use of phishing in cyber attacks, types of phishing, the connection between phishing and malware and ransomware, solutions such as Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), spam filtering, URL rewrite, behavioral file analysis and domain reputation, and recommendations for users, network administrators, and decision-makers/leaders.

By The National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, September 13, 2017


2017-2018 Data Breach Response Guide

There are “leaders” and there are “laggards” when it comes to data breach incident response planning. While some organizations are taking incident response planning seriously, others are simply “checking a box” and relying on incomprehensive plans. But, it’s never too late to become a leader. For those who are just getting started or need to audit their existing plans, this guide covers preparedness from every angle. We want this guide to be a useful tool for every organization looking to improve its security posture because the potential for a data breach is not going away. The sooner an organization gets ready, the better.

By Experian, March 14, 2018